Bar-Tini Shakes Up Orlando’s Private Bartender Scene
Company provides bespoke bar experiences, from classy cocktails to fire-breathing bartenders

Wedding season is coming, which means David Devito and his crew at Bar-Tini Orlando are about to be slammed.

“We tell our clients if they want to get the best private bartender experience in Orlando for their weddings, call us right after they get the venue confirmed,” says Devito with a smile. “That’s how busy wedding season gets for us.”

While Bar-Tini’s staff of highly-trained mixologists (and the occasional fire-breathing bartender) are in high demand during wedding season, the company also caters to just about any private gathering: swanky corporate events, fraternity and sorority parties, birthdays, bar mitzvahs and even – mocktail parties?

“Mocktail parties provide all the ambiance and deliciousness of a cocktail party, but without the booze,” says Devito. “We’ve been pleasantly surprised how popular they’ve become.”

That being said, Bar-Tini Orlando has plenty of options for those who want the true cocktail experience. The company’s web site offers a variety of experiential packages for potential partiers, from martini bars to margarita bars to the “prohibition bar,” which features old-fashioned cocktails (including the old fashioned, of course) in a speakeasy setting.

“We’ve got the drinks and the talent to make them sing – for us, it’s all about taking whatever our clients can imagine and making that a reality.”

David Devito and his staff are available for interviews and media demonstrations to allow reporters to get a taste of the Bar-Tini experience. To schedule an interview, contact Bar-Tini at 407-680-8546.

About Bar-Tini Orlando:

Bar-Tini Orlando specializes in creating a unique private bartending experience for every client at every event. Bar-Tini’s professional staff has been hand-picked and represents some of the most unique talent in Central Florida. Our bartenders, servers and staff have experience in every level of service, allowing Bar-Tini to cater to your specific event type. Guests have a certain expectation of professionalism at an event and Bar-Tini takes that to heart. To schedule an event or for more information, go to​